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Farm: NorthWest Geothermal Agriculture (NWGA)
Website: www.nwgahemp.com
Location: USA, Southern Oregon
Contact: seancollins@nwgahemp.com & sebastianjaross@nwgahemp.com
About: At NorthWest Geothermal Agriculture we sell top quality feminized seed, high CBD hemp flower, clones and raw hemp fiber. A large part of our mission is to collect as much data as possible about the ever increasing inventory of strains. Collecting new strains as often as they are available will be a central factor allowing us to evolve our global understanding of this plant from seed to fiber. In concert with hard science and solid data the feedback of our patients is key to identifying the medicinal effects of our genetics.



Farm: Yeoman Farmers Brand Ltd.
Website: www.Yeomanfarmers.com
Location: USA, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
Contact: James Bennett-Founder bennettcompanies@hotmail.com
About: Yeoman is a 5.53 million sq. ft. Colorado licensed farm & licensed seed producer, started in 2008 and becoming fully integrated by 2012, dedicated to Cannabis Hemp genetics production & refinement, clone nursery, over 200 acres of biomass production, lab testing services, boutique extraction, consultation, and farm management services.






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