3D Printing with Hemp | HEMPZOO

3D Printing with Hemp | HEMPZOO


Did you know you can 3D print with hemp?

Hemp plastic filament Apple macbook pro

Yes its true and we actually offer hemp filament for 3D printing here on HEMPZOO.COM made of USA cultivated hemp.


Hemp plastic macbook computer

Is hemp filament a greener option?

The reduction of plastic is one of the sustainable benefits of 3D printing with hemp and also the fact that hemp is biodegradable and can be grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. 3D printing itself has proven to be less wasteful, cost effective and fast production with the freedom of easy design changes. 

Hemp filament

How is Hemp filament made?

Hemp filament is made of biodegradable thermoplastic and finely ground up short hemp fibers. Hemp filament is traditionally made without the use of dyes and allows it to maintain its natural brown shade and bio fill is slightly visible. Although you can add dyes to make it different colors we choose to use the natural color.


Hemp plastic toys

 Is hemp filament easy to work with?

Yes it is surprisingly easy to work with and can be used in most PLA 3D printers these days. It prints sharp rigid corners with little to no warping and is very strong.

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