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Did you know we make expo lanyards from hemp?

We are the originators of this eco ingenious design!

 HEMPZOO Eco Friendly Natural Hemp Lanyards


  Hemp can be used for thousands of great products including natural biodegradable hemp lanyards , hemp tote bags and biodegradable hemp straws. These ingenious eco ideas are a simple way to help Mother Earth and educate with cannabis hemp. These are great sustainable products for future generations to utilize. Hemp lanyards should be used at every expo, tradeshow or festival event and are great for brand marketing. HEMPZOO customizes them to your needs with your logo or design. The hemp lanyards are soft washable and can me made into different styles and hardware options. 


 HEMPZOO Eco Friendly Natural Hemp Lanyards


Why do you make hemp lanyards?

  Over the years I've collected lots of lanyards from trade shows, expos, festivals, concerts. I never thought it as a problem until I saw a trash can filled with them after a show. I realized 100% of them were plastic and end up in our oceans and possibly hurting sea life and adding to our plastic island  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch . I decided right then and there this is something I can help with and I developed earth friendly hemp lanyards.


Entangled Sea Turtle in plastic


Hemp straws are a game changer.

Biodegradable Hemp straws are the new eco alternative to single use plastic straws. If you care about our plants future then this simple option is a key part of changing the way our future impact plays out. We love our mother earth and its beautiful oceans and sea life. Now is your chance to vote with your dollars and purchase some eco friendly hemp straws.

The Original Hemp Straw


How much plastic is in the ocean?

  According to National Geographic in 2015 Jenna Jambeck, an engineering professor from the University of Georgia with a rough estimate of 5.3 million to 14 million each year lands in the ocean from coastal regions. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a great example and measures 1.6 million square kilometers and the total estimated mass amounts to 80,000 tons!!


Great Pacific Island Patch of Plastic pollution


Together a small deed of using hemp lanyards can make a huge impact to our planet.

Lets now convert those plastic lanyards to natural hemp lanyards.

And lets change single use plastic straws with Eco Hemp Straws.


This is a great video below about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.




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