Hemp helps climate change | HEMPZOO

Hemp helps climate change | HEMPZOO

Hemp helps climate change!


Hemp regenerates the soil.

Not only do hemp plants create thousands of products like HEMPZOO hemp clothing they also help heal Mother Earth like shown in The Soil Story. This is another reason we chose to use the hemp plant for our eco friendly hemp products.

 Hemp plants

Hemp absorbs carbon.

Hemp plants absorb carbon from our atmosphere while regenerating the soil with very little water use compared to other fiber crops. It can be grown densely limiting the need of harmful herbicides and keeping the soil fruitful for the next crop rotation.

 Hemp plant harvest

Hemp as a natural fiber.

The manufacturing of natural fiber hemp clothing helps take carbon out of the atmosphere compared to synthetic clothing that only puts carbon into the atmosphere. 


Hemp plant fibers | HEMPZOO

 Hemp is the strongest natural plant fiber.

Hemp is the strongest natural plant fiber with the lowest impact compared to other textiles. At HEMPZOO we use hemp as much as possible and utilize other natural fibers like organic cotton or recycled synthetic materials. We use natural materials like hemp and organic cotton as much as possible however when we can't use natural fibers we do our best to utilize recycled plastics to help minimize our carbon footprint.

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