Hemp plastic solution

Hemp plastic solution

 Henry Ford hemp plastic car


In 1941 Henry Ford created an eco-friendly plant based hemp car that ran on hemp fuel. In the first video below a recreation of Henry Fords hemp plastic car panel shows how durable it is when you take a hammer to it. Henry Rollins & Lawrence Serbin's demonstration is a great way to help educate the masses on how versatile and strong hemp is.



Hemp plastic is a game changer when it comes to the pollution sector of issues we are currently experiencing on our planet. Petroleum plastic consumption and production is out of control and only you and I can make the change to help.

Eco-friendly hemp plastics can be manufactured and utilized in a wide range of products that HEMPZOO feels passionate about including action sport equipment like helmets, pads, skateboards, surfboards, snowboards, BMX, paddle boards, moto plastics and much much more, the options are endless.

Now is the time to utilize natural hemp cannabis in more ways to benefit from its versatile attributes and hemp plastic can be great for many applications. As the plastic island grows in our ocean we need to work together and find more ways to use hemp plastic and recycle more effectively to cut down on our waste.

NOTE: We supply a hemp filament for 3D printing and its a great biodegradable alternate to plastic that's strong and durable. HEMP PLASTIC







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Does anyone have the recipe to make this composite? I assume the guy who made the panel has come close to recreating Henry Ford’s secret. Who is the person to talk to?

Rupert Veitch

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