Granny Smith Sports Hemp Skateboard 100% plant based

Hemp Skateboards

Granny Smith Sports 100% plant based Hemp skateboard handmade in USA

You gotta check out these dope earth friendly handmade hemp skateboards!

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GRANNY SMITH SPORTS is setting the bar high with their 100% plant based hemp skateboards handmade in the USA. Currently over 1.2 million skateboards are made globally each year requiring lots of plastic and the deforestation of thousands of trees. We're stoked to see this unique tree free hemp skateboard option that's not made of plastic or wood. The eco-tech durable patented design utilizes the hemp plant and natural resins. Each deck has its own unique serial number with a nice natural overall look. They have a sweet smooth ride and a good pop for cruising around town.

GRANNY SMITH SPORTS is a great company of innovators making high quality  Eco-friendly products and doing good for the earth we live on.

Check out their story below and order your hemp skateboard today. ---> HEMP SKATEBOARD


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