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Did you know hemp is used in elevator cables?

Hemp wire rope cable (Photo Credit - Curtis Brown Elevator Technician)

Yes it’s true and they have a patent on the design since 1885. This hemp wire rope is described as a Seale Patent rope and its design was based on Thomas Seal's 1885 patent "Wire Rope or Cable" (U.S. Patent No. 315,077).  These were used in high speed elevators that made for quick acceleration combined with smoothness of operation and safety. Some say they make a noise known as elevator singing.

Hemp wire rope cable

How is hemp wire rope cable made?

The hemp wire rope cable is made of 8 strands, 19 wires to a strand, all of which are wrapped around a hemp core. It was known as the company’s “Extra Flexible Traction Steel Elevator Hoisting Wire Rope” 

 Hemp wire cable rope(Photo Credit - Curtis Brown Elevator Technician)

 Why did they make hemp wire rope?

Due to the increase in height of buildings and elevator use they needed to utilize the available components to make elevator cables. Hemp provided strength, durability and a sustainable supply for production available at that time.

“. . . designed to give maximum resilience, flexibility and tractive effort, combined with smooth running qualities. This rope gives exceptional service on all ‘U’ and ‘V’ groove traction elevator installations. . . good contact and minimum slippage, which, in turn, decreases wear on both the rope, and the sheaves and drums.”


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 Hemp wire cable rope(Photo Credit - Curtis Brown Elevator Technician)


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