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Why did you make HEMP face masks?
  With the growing demand of masks we decided to make some sustainable hemp face mask options so you can rep HEMP while feeling safe and helping to mitigate dust and germs. As a great dust blocker these are perfect for dusty situations like building withe hempcrete. They fit like a glove are super comfy with multiple options to best fit your needs. HEMPZOO HEMP face masks are reusable, washable and double layered with options to add additional layers. Our masks range from lightweight hemp knit blends to heavy weight hemp canvas for all types of occasions. For active lifestyles we recommend our lightweight knit double layer HEMP face masks. Our lightweight face masks are available in black or micro stripe colors so you can switch it up.   
We offer HEMP face mask bundles so you can save money.
  The best way to purchase our HEMPZOO reusable HEMP face masks is with a bundle. We have a wide range of options so you can save money getting multiple  items made from hemp. 
Have you seen our hemp mask lanyards?
    A simple yet effective way to keep your hemp face mask secure is with our washable natural hemp lanyards. We have two options, single hook hemp lanyards or our best option is our double hook HEMP Duo mask lanyards. Simply attached the hooks to the ear loops on your HEMP mask and your good to go.
Sea turtle with surgical mask
How are single use face masks effecting our environment?
    Covid-19 has created a manufacturing frenzy of disposable PPE equipment and its reeking havoc on our environment. The biggest contributor is the production of single use synthetic surgical masks, you know those light blue things. 
  • Worldwide, it's estimated 129 billion disposable face masks and 65 billion gloves are used and thrown away every month.
  • Single use surgical mask are made from polypropylene (plastic) lasting hundreds of years before breaking down.
  • The Guardian's recent report shows a surge in ocean waste that includes  single use masks and latex gloves floating like jellyfish. 

Do you remember the sea turtle with the plastic straw up it’s nose? That was so sad and now we have biodegradable hemp straws. We have so many plastic masks now floating in the ocean that will last hundreds of years and potentially kill thousands of sea life including those beautiful sea turtles.

    Now is the time to chose our sustainable HEMP masks.










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