Sustainable Hemp t-shirts

Sustainable Hemp t-shirts



We love hemp and the Earth so making a sustainable hemp t-shirt was a no-brainer for us here at HEMPZOO! 

Hemp fabric has natural benefits like durability, moisture wicking, antimicrobial and up to 95% UV ray resistant.



After many years of development and testing fits and styles of organic hemp t-shirts we have what we consider the best basic hemp t-shirt on the market. The quality is on point and all the details are a check mate. We will continue to innovate with different fits and fabrics so you will always have the best quality.





Our perfect fabric blend of 55% Hemp 45% Organic cotton opposite twist knit and perfect cuts and fine details puts these premium hemp t-shirts in line with the best.

 HEMPZOO Strong Sustainable Solution


They will keep you looking fresh at the beach to the club or on any adventure you love. From athletes to artists, activists and adventurers these HZ sustainable hemp t-shirts are for every walk of life to enjoy.



HEMPZOO nature


Watch our quick HEMPZOO Hemp t-shirt video and order yours today.


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I ordered the all seasons bundle and love it. The fits are perfect and after every wash they do become softer. They’ve become my favorite t-shirts !


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