Sythetic microfibers poisen our oceans and body

Synthetic microfibers poison our bodies, oceans and earth.

  Synthetic microfibers from textiles


Does your clothing cause cancer and poison the ocean and earth?

  Think about it, your skin is your largest organ and synthetic Microfibers are really small and as we learn more we need to rethink our position on how and what we make clothing from.

What causes cancer?

  These days lots of things cause cancer and some are listed right on the product. When it comes to thinking about what causes Cancer it's also beneficial to think about what you can do to limit your risk. Starting with foods, and body care products is great, but what about your clothing. Like lotion and sunblock that's absorbed through your skin so can synthetic microfibers right into your skin and you wouldn't even know it. Your body temp also can become extremely hot when wearing synthetic textiles and this can cause your clothing to off gas unnoticed harmful fumes.

What can I do?

  At HEMPZOO we chose to use as much organic, natural, hemp materials as possible to limit any toxic components within our products. Our organic hemp clothing is a great natural base layer for your body. The hemp fiber is naturally UV ray resistant, anti-fungal, mold & mildew resistant and can be grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides giving it hypoallergenic attributes.

What are we doing to help?

   HEMPZOO is constantly innovating with sustainable materials such as natural plant fibers mostly consisting of hemp doing our best to leave the smallest footprint without compromising function or technology. You can get a natural organic hemp base layer

 What are microfibers?

  Microfibers are very small fibers that fall off unnoticed from synthetic textiles and cause pollution. The video below shows we have a serious problem with them and synthetic textiles is the root cause. We should be more aware of these issues and consider using more natural organic products for our health and for the Earth. Keeping our bodies and Mother Earth clean so our children and our children's children can enjoy it.

Please watch the microfiber pollution video below.


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hello i have been wondering for at least 3 years, if you could make wheels out of hemp for skateboards. Today i came across your web site , and im so stoked to see that every thing that ive been wondering about is already manifested. So I really want to start a non prophet dedicated to hemp. Would you guys be able to help me out at all on how to get started. How did you guys get going on your hemp journey, i live in San Fransisco and i believe with all my heart with the right resourses SF will help put hemp back on the map in a major way. any ways i have so much moor to say but as you can probably tell im not the greatest at writing, but im great at speaking espeacially things im very passionate about ttyl and God bless

sincerely, Tyler Alvarez
Tyler Alvarez

Super crucial information. Thank you so much for this awareness. Thank GOD for HempZoo Clothing!


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